Palliative Discovery

Let’s build the next generation of expert nursing in palliative and end of life care.

With your help we are designing a new online space - Palliative Discovery throughout 2021, as we restore ourselves from Covid-19.

Our initiative

Palliative Discovery is an inspired and ambitious initiative by nurses for nurses

It has been several years in the visioning led by Maggie Bisset and nurse colleagues, all steeped in palliative care expertise who through observation, research and engagement have generated an ‘ask’ from their CNS colleagues.

This ‘ask’ is for a space to reconnect with their philosophy of care and revitalise their professional intent and endeavour so they can do their best nursing and reshape their role to meet the dynamic challenges of contemporary dying.

This is no mean feat and notably in the time of a pandemic. But pulling on the collective will and expertise of the CNS community across the UK and facilitating their agency - much will be achieved with them and for them.

The underpinning premise of Palliative Discovery is of person centred care. For this to be experienced by those in our care for we must attend to the wellbeing and resilience of those who care.

An organisation’s greatest asset is its people and this can be recognised as such with associated investment and development. We cannot mandate for this across any care setting but through engagement with Palliative Discovery the CNSs can do much to support themselves to invest in their own development and find the support and inspiration they seek.

Palliative Discovery will build its resources primarily in response to the wishes of CNS colleagues and also informed by a new model of nursing, the Lantern model which at its core is a person centred approach. The model recognises that for person centred outcomes of care to be realised, the nurse, MDT and organisation must work in concert, cognisant of their unique contribution and responsibility to that end.

By reflecting on the Model the CNS will be invited to revisit their philosophy of care, the personal attributes they bring forth in such care and how by working in a supportive MDT and organisation they can create an exceptional experience of care deploying their expert practice, presence and skills.

Our vision is Palliative Discovery will give voice to this too often hidden , highly skilled professional nurse group. It will put on the map the development and education required , indeed demanded if our society is to benefit from such a standard of nursing. Palliative Discovery is the ‘clarion call’ and invites us to both celebrate and to harness the power and impact of this cohort of nurses who are the teachers and role models of the next generation of specialists nurses in this field. Palliative Discovery we see as a truly timely endeavour in order to ensure such expertise is acknowledged, developed and amplified – fit for the challenges of today and the future.

Come and join us on the Journey!

A connected response

This new online space will bring...

Virtual Classes

Gain unique insights, learn practical skills, and meet and share with others grappling with the same questions

Curated Toolkits

Enhance mental wellbeing, support professionalism and resilience in care

Targeted support

Enabling you to take care of yourself and understanding yourself more deeply to sustain a healthy career.

Relationships and community

A place where you can find and join in conversations with advanced level practitioners in palliative and end of life care.

Your invitation to join us

We are inviting CNSs working across NHS and voluntary settings to participate in building Palliative Discovery.

Here is your invitation

We will be delighted if can join us.


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This project is funded by the Burdett Trust and developed by St Christopher’s CARE

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