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An inspired and ambitious space working to improve palliative care.

Palliative Discovery is designed to provide Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) with the knowledge, skills, resources and support to enhance and flourish in their careers and continue to provide the very best palliative care.

Our aim is to help you navigate and explore your work. To give nurses working in advanced level roles in palliative and end of life care (i.e. clinical nurse specialists and advanced clinical practitioners hereafter referred to as CNSs), a thriving community where they can grow their expertise, develop their leadership skills, build resilience, and inspire the next generation of nurses to give quality person-centred care.

We offer a multi-functional, virtual space with access to learning, relevant updates and further support.

We bring CNSs from anywhere in the UK together in roundtables, classes and workshops to discuss areas of special interest, all with the aim of inspiring skilled, thoughtful, collaborative palliative work at your pace.

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What will this new online space bring?

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Virtual sessions

Gain unique insights, learn practical skills and meet and share with others grappling with the same questions

Curated toolkits

Enhance your wellbeing, find additional support for your professional development and build your resilience

Targeted support

Understand yourself more deeply to ensure you can take better care to sustain a healthy and happy career

Supportive community

Join in conversations with other advanced level practitioners in palliative and end of life care


To build evidence and consensus

We know you want more effective collaboration so you feel better equipped to solve thorny problems and refine the experience of people dying today.

We’ve created a series of sessions which look at creative challenges that reflect the real world, as it is today.


To support multi-professional practice

We know you often become problem solvers and custodians of the safest outcomes for dying people.

We’ve designed these classes to support core aspects of your ongoing palliative care development through online learning.


To build a healthy, sustainable career

We know your emotional well-being is key to having a satisfying career in palliative care.

We’ve built a programme of workshops to offer ongoing mentorship and peer-to-peer support, ensuing the very best individual growth and professional development.

What's coming up


How can we, as palliative care Clinical Nurse Specialists, best work with young adults who are dying?


Understand how to build a psychologically healthy team-based culture and explore the skilful communication and practices necessary